Brad Hagedorn

Web & Mobile Developer

Proud computer nerd who’s married with 2 kids, 3 dogs (all rescues), and an unhealthily large collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

I have been programming various pieces of hardware and software since middle school. Professionally, I followed a path of building web and mobile applications, and, ultimately, found a particular fondness for helping brainstorm solutions and translating the technical needs for clients, as well as guiding developers to an understanding of their clients’ needs and expectations. This lead me to a new role of business analysis and project management, which gave me a new respect for the needs of professional communication.

On the flip side, I have also spent a lot of time playing drums in various punk bands for the better part of two decades. Playing shady dive bars and touring in tightly-crammed, poorly-running vehicles is a stark contrast to my professional life, but each provides a necessary balance to the other. 

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