Coaching Agreement

Below is our mutual coaching agreement. It is important that you carefully read everything. 

As a client, your role is to:

  • Make our coaching sessions a priority. You have chosen to invest in yourself. Please take time before each session to review what we have been working on. Please ensure any action steps or homework you decided on has been accomplished to the best of your ability. The most crucial part is for you to have an idea of what you’d like to take away from the session. Coaching is strongly based on the client’s agenda.
  • Please arrive to every session on time.
  • Come to your session centered and be open-minded. Be willing to change your beliefs and patterns if they do not serve you anymore.
  • Give me feedback in the moment about your coaching experience –what works as well as what doesn’t. Do not ever worry about hurting my feelings or fear what I might think. I am here to support you not judge you or make decisions for you. If something I say does not resonate with you, I want to know about it.

My Role

  • I will listen closely to you, respond to what I hear and ask questions. If I hear something in your voice or body language that sparks an intuitive idea, thought or image, I’m likely to share it and ask you questions about it. Often it is these small nuances that create the bigger shifts for clients. Remember, if it doesn’t resonate, tell me. I’m not attached to being right.
  • At the end of the session, if you do not mention what actions you are ready to take, I will make a coach request. I ask clients to stretch themselves, deepen the work done in the sessions by either journaling at home, taking a defined action, resolving relationships or tackling things that feel incomplete. You are free to negotiate, accept or decline. Most of the work will be in regards to self- awareness and powerful choice.

Extra Time

  • Between sessions, if you have questions, a brief update, or want to bounce some ideas around, please contact me by email. Please keep these contacts succinct. If it seems like it will be better served as session material, I’ll suggest that.

Schedule Changes

  • Please give our session high priority and arrange your schedule to honor our agreed upon time. If you must reschedule, I ask you to give me 24 hour notice or as soon as you are able. I will not reschedule no-shows. Because I am holding an appointment for you and will be unable to fit another client in with less than 24 hour notice, a $50 session fee will be charged for sessions canceled at the last minute. Emergencies are an exception.
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